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About Us


Once known as the Fruit Basket of America, Placer County sits at the foothills of the Sierras where warm summer days and cool nights make for the perfect growing climate for many agricultural crops. Rolling hills provide natural drainage and offer micro climates, extending our growing season of favorite fruit varieties. These natural characteristics make for fruit high in sugar yet balanced with the perfect amount of acid, creating a quality of fruit sought after by leading chefs and local families alike. The trees and soil are nurtured carefully, our growing practices include a combination of organic practices along with our Integrated Pest Management system to provide fruit that not only taste delicious but is good for the consumer and the environment alike. Careful soil health monitoring and foliage testing are implemented to maintain proper health of crops for generations to come. Our growing practices are 100% organic. We are committed to the principles and practicality of farming without any synthetic or conventional intervention.  To promote our mission of sustainability, we aim for zero waste: all of our "culls" are sent to our on site kitchen to be turned into delicious value-added product like jams and dried fruit. 

Twin Peaks Orchards has been family owned and operated since 1912. Founded by Yoshichika and Tomeo Nakae, the land which is now Twin Peaks Orchards was cultivated carefully to become known as one of the most beloved orchards in Placer County. Nurtured by their son Howard Nakae and his family to success, the roots laid by the Nakae family has carried this farm through 3 more generations. Passed from Howard to his daughter and son in law Raul and Sheila Enriquez in the mid 1990's, the orchard entered into a new chapter with the local Farm to Fork movement, crucial to the continuation of Twin Peaks. After a tragic fire on August 4th of 2020, the orchard continued on to the next generation of farmers. Daughter Camelia Enriquez Miller and her husband Justin purchased orchard, taking on the responsibility of rebuilding and growing the farm into the next generation. With the help and support of the community and with guidance from Raul and Sheila, Camelia and Justin are committed to continuing the tradition of farming the family before them has instilled. 

We are honored to be a part of Placer County farming for over a century and continue to be grateful for the support of our community. 

About Us: Our Farm
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